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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Are you pre or post-menopausal and hating life?  Are you fighting a disease or illness or family genetics, and looking to feel better naturally?  Have you tried every fad diet out there and ended up disappointed, or worse off than when you started?  Have you gone down the rabbit hole of joining your friends on an exercise routine and diet plan, and your friend found great results, but you didn’t?  Are you simply wanting to feel more energized to enjoy life’s activities?  Want to sleep better?


My Story.
My Mission.

Jules Body Shoppe

Meet Jules, owner of Jules Body Shoppe

I transform health for a living.

As someone who has struggled with mid-section weight since menopause hit me (still wouldn’t want to go back for anything!), I understand the frustration and wasted time trying to find out the solution to this all-important issue. I had constant night sweats. I had anxiety over why I couldn’t take inches off.

The reason that you struggle so much with all the crazy fad diets and exercise routines is that the programs and plans are not designed for YOU!  That’s right – one size does not fit all, nor does it fit anyone.  We are each uniquely designed, and our exercise and nutrition should be designed specifically for US individually.



DNA Testing

DNA-based nutrition and exercise planning.  By completing a HIPAA compliant cheek swab test, you will receive your own personal owner’s guide to your health and wellness. 

Your results can help you better understand how your body might respond to certain diet choices and could help take your fitness regimen to the next level. Your report includes detailed and unique recommendations that can help you eat better, train better, and live better. Some of the topics covered by your report include: aerobic potential, muscle performance, weight regain after dieting, dopamine and food reward, and caffeine metabolism. Remember that this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition and fitness. Your DNA report is your personalized owner’s manual on how your body responds to diet and exercise based on your unique gene profile.

Detox Box

While you are waiting on your personal DNA report to arrive, you can jump start your body’s renewed health by completing an amazing 30-day detox!  This detox is not your run of the meal cleanse – how is it different you may ask?

A cleanse simply focuses on clearing the colon of built-up fecal matter, however the Detox Box is a process by which the body is provided key nutrients, in a very specific and scientifically proven order. The detox flushes the body’s natural 2-phase filtration system so that it can operate optimally and improve metabolization of essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Customized Vitamins

Round out your health maintenance-wise through offering you customized, pharmaceutical-grade vitamin supplements.  Again, one size does not fit all, and you shouldn’t be wasting your hard earned dollars on subpar over- the- counter garbage that you don’t even know for sure is what your body needs, or if it even contains what it says it is in the bottle!  Through taking a HIPAA compliant FEEE health assessment online, you will create your customized vitamins based on the questions in your health assessment.

The best part to all these solutions is that I am here to guide you
through this process, and be your coach, mentor, guide, educator and motivator!


Jules Body Shoppe

coach, mentor, guide, educator and motivator

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