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Group Fitness Training

Over the last two weeks, we have discussed why simply cutting calories from your diet does not always equate to a healthy and maintainable weight loss plan. Reducing food down to just calories skews the entire thought process behind picking food. A low calorie food might be high in fat and low in protein, whereas a higher calorie product might be low in fat and high in protein (which is a more ideal choice). As discussed in the last post, picking a balanced diet that fits your fitness goals in one of the most important aspects of a healthy fitness plan.

The other most important aspect is exercise. Muscle helps burn fat. As you work out and create more muscle, you will notice that your body is toning and slimming. Sometimes, the scale does not always show that you are losing fat because you are replacing it with muscle. That is why it is important to measure yourself by inches around the waist, hips, and any other area you are trying to tone in order to get an accurate reading on your fitness progress. For the very determined people, I recommend getting a body fat percentage reader to monitor your progress.

By adding exercise to your fitness plan, you are ensuring that your body becomes toned while still losing fat. You will also find that your metabolism remains high and you have more energy throughout the day. Exercise routines vary from person to person. It is very important to analyze your body and fitness goals before creating any type of fitness routine. Without the proper analysis, you might spend a lot of time and energy doing exercises that will not give your body its best results.

MBJ Health and Fitness offers personal training and group classes to best meet your fitness needs. The exercise classes vary from strength training to core strengthening with PITAIYO, a workout that blends the three disciplines of Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

Julie Ashlock, trainer and owner of MBJ Health and Fitness, offers a different approach to fitness. MBJ is held in a boutique-style gym and focuses on personal attention to ensure that you receive the best results. She offers fitness and nutritional advice, as well as personalized programs to help you reach your goals. Have questions? Email for more information.