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It’s a well-established fact that being active can reduce your risk of cancer. And all this time you thought I was just bossing you around — when I’ve actually been encouraging you to get healthier by reducing your risk of becoming ill! The American Cancer Society recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical exercise on five or more days a week (which you’re already doing if you’re following my plan) for maximum benefits.

It’s not hard to get motivated to peel that butt off the couch when you look at these numbers: A whopping 50 percent (at least!) of cancer deaths in the United States could be prevented if people just made small changes in their lifestyle and health habits. That works out to about 280,000 lives saved a year. As someone who has watched three loved ones battle with cancer, I can tell you these are not figures to take lightly.

Whether you’re starting a new fitness regimen, or just renewing your commitment to being fit and healthy, think about how much you’re doing for yourself and your loved ones by taking good care of the body you’re in. Now, if that’s not enough to push you through any exercise slump, I don’t know what is!*

*Courtesy of “Losing it With Jillian”- Jillian Michaels

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