Wondering what our clients have to say about Jules Body Shoppe (formerly MBJ Health and Fitness)? Listen to these client testimonials!

From Dr. Barrett Bender:
“In November of 2014, I had severe lower back pain which was exacerbated by playing golf which is my passion. I sought the help of Julie Ashlock who is on the list of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf professionals. She also is a Florida licensed massage therapist and certified personal fitness trainer with extra training in alternate muscle therapy directed at particular muscle problems. She worked with me two times per week and within a few short weeks I was able to play golf with much less discomfort. As we progressed, she helped me to become more flexible, stronger and a better golfer. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their range of motion and enjoy the physical side of life more. When I return North for the summer months, I will miss the effective, relaxing massages that I received weekly the most, although she has promised to continue to help me with my quest for a more flexible and pain-free body even while I am out of the area.”