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The Body’s Way of Education 

The popularity of low and non-impact aerobic exercise has brought us back down to earth, literally. With this change we have begun to slow down and work smarter, affording us the luxury to relax.  Relaxation is a crucial factor for any efficient movement. In Nia, we honor the body’s way of moving with dynamic ease. There are many ways for you to relax in movement.  Here are just a few—
1.  Think of your body resting on the earth.  Next time you work out, as you stand, let yourself rest on the surface of the earth.  You don’t have to hold yourself up which takes extra effort, depletes your energy, and creates unnecessary tension.  As you begin to sense your body resting on the earth, you will relax and experience a great internal stretch.
2.  Lengthen your spine.  When you stand, imagine a string attached to the top of your head that lifts you upward for the best spinal stretch you’ve ever had.   Now imagine a weight drawing your tailbone towards the floor for a significant release in your low back.  Whenever you lengthen your spine, you feel energized and relaxed.  Do it all day long.
3.  Breathe.  Breath equals power.  Let your movements ride on your breath to increase your endurance.
4.  Create air spaces at your joints.  Visualize air spaces between your head and neck.  Let your head float over your neck and relax your jaw as you move.  Feel another airspace at your waist where your chest rides and glides over your pelvis, which is floating over the air spaces at your hip sockets.  You’ll move gracefully and feel wonderfully relaxed.


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